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Today Cheri and her team continue to provide hippotherapy for children with special needs that do not fit into the STARS therapeutic riding program.


Additionally, HRETC now offers expanded non-mounted equine activities and workshops. The focus is custom small group workshops ranging anywhere from 3 hours in duration to 3 days of learning and activities. For example, in 2019 HRETC combined equine activities, mindfulness practice and bodywork into a 2-day workshop specifically designed for local Hospice care givers.

Now entering into the 21st season of providing therapeutic and educational opportunities for the community, the Therapy Center's passion remains the same. Creating a fun, therapeutic space that welcomes and accepts each individual's unique abilities, while fostering opportunities to connect with the beauty of nature and experience the depth of the animal-human bond. 



The ranch has hosted many therapeutic modalities over the years. In 2019, a small building--originally intended as a bunk house--received a transformation and is now a peaceful space for therapeutic bodywork. This therapy space hosts private clients for Massage Therapist Shelby Trousil as well as Integrated Bodyworker Cheri Trousil. 

To learn more about Shelby's massage offerings, visit her website at

To learn more about Cheri's Integrated Bodywork, reach out via email

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