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The property now known as the Humble Ranch was originally homesteaded in 1898 by William Milner. Over the next 70 years, the ranch was owned by 6 different families and in 1967, Edwin Grant bought the property and established Yampa Valley Land & Cattle. By 1998, the Grant family was ready to sell the 4,000 acre working ranch and environmentalists and history-preserving enthusiasts Ed and Cheri Trousil became the proud new owners.


By collaborating with the Colorado Department of Wildlife, Colorado State Parks, and the City of Steamboat Springs, Ed and Cheri were able to preserve much of the land and wildlife habitats associated with the property. A combined effort from friends and family and a lot of hard work resulted in the restoration of the original homestead which now serves as an office and community space on the ranch.


By 1999 the ranch was rebranded as The Humble Ranch and became home to the Trousil family as well as a venue to cultivate creative passion.

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